Digital Invitations

Once again ello innovates bringing to the Brazilian market unique products with Social and Environmental Responsibility. One such product is the Digital Invitation for distribution using Mobile Marketing state-of-art technics, thus acquiring thousands of smartphones. The Digital Invitation can also be distributed directly to thousands of smartphones using the ello database, with more than 85 million smartphones registered in Brazil, which can be segmented at will by our customers.

Digital Invitation is an ello registered trademark in Brazil.

With more than 2.5 billion cell phones worldwide, the launch of campaigns directly to smartphones is a powerful communication and marketing tool that does not harm the environment.

The Digital Invitation is cheaper than a Flyer because it is not interactive and requires the final art in 20x10 cm format to be provided by the client.

We help you carry out your Mobile Marketing actions, which will greatly contribute to your activity. Business promotions, corporate notices, billing, customer relationship messages or voters, event announcements, are some of the most common examples.

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